Thursday, December 7, 2017

Getting Festive with Creative Paperclay®

Hello friends and fans! Jenn here today sharing my Holiday Spirit by getting festive with Creative Paperclay®!!

Using Creative Paperclay® Modeling Material and some simple holiday cookie cutters I have created a few different things today to share.

First, here is how I started with all the fun shapes!

First, roll out a nice even layer of Creative Paperclay® with a rolling pin onto wax paper. Cut each shape desired with cookie cutter. Let these dry for at least one night. 
As an added tip***lightly brush some corn starch on your rolling pin to prevent any sticking when rolling out your clay.

Now we are on to the painting and adding hangers!

All of the pieces were painted using acrylics. The tree was assembled as an ornament using ribbon adhered to the back. The stars were assembled using a string of metallic red beads which were embedded into the clay before drying. The other pieces were painted and set aside to use as embellishments for another crafty creation!

As you can see creating these lovely ornaments and embellishments is simple and fun using Creative Paperclay®!! This would be a fun holiday project to do with your children as well!!

Creative Paperclay® is available to purchase at the online store as well as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joann's.

Thanks so much for viewing my post today and Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Creative Paperclay® Leaf Bowls...... by Cindy Porter

Hi Creative Paperclay® fans, it's Cindy here, I am excited to share with you latest creation...   Creative Paperclay® Leaf Bowls...
Keep reading to see how to create your own...

large tree leaves
sculpting tools
Now onto a video demonstration .... enjoy

Hope you enjoyed this video...

till next time
Happy Creating

Monday, December 4, 2017

Making Simple Ornaments for your Christmas Tree with Creative Paperclay®

Hello and welcome to another tutorial using Creative Paperclay®. Today I will show you how to make simple ornaments for your Christmas tree. This is the perfect tutorial for beginners!

Supplies needed:

Creative Paperclay®
rolling pin
cookie cutters
craft knife
rubber stamps
baby powder or cornstarch- optional (this prevents rubber stamps sticking in clay)
acrylic paints
glitter paint
watercolor paints
gilding paint
gilding wax
Rub 'n Buff
stamp pad
Sharpie or pen

sculpting tools


Gather your supplies and follow along in the step by step video tutorial below.

Please share your creations with us on our Facebook page.

Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by!


Friday, December 1, 2017

December First Friday Fan Day

Need some inspiration for your next Creative Paperclay® project? Check out what folks are making with Creative Paperclay™.

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Gourd Ornaments Using Creative Paperclay

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Bejeweled Creative Paperclay® Painting

I have been working on a series of 48" x 48" paintings using Creative Paperclay® as part of my narrative. This piece is in its early stages and is just blocked in at this point. I loved combining the old with new in my work so I started with a traditional pose from the 1500's combined with highly decorated clay hearts.

Creative Paperclay®
Silicone mold
Found objects
Acrylic paint
Amazing Molding Putty
E6000 glue
Soft gel gloss

I started by casting a series of hearts. The mold was made from my collection of milagros and exvotos using Amazing Molding Putty.

While this was drying I gathered beads, found objects and E6000 glue.

The dried hearts were attached to my painting with soft gel gloss. BTW I work on wood panels.

People leave me bags of broken jewelry and other goodies at my door step. Last week I received three bags from three different people. It is like Christmas when I get these.

At a thrift door the last week, I found large bags of broken jewelry and odds and ends for a cheap price and I didn't pick them up. When I went back they were gone. Still kicking myself. 

This piece has faux pearls from the 30's, old bracelet and small charm.

I definitely have a baroque heart in this body that keeps trying to come out. Decorated with faux pearl, salt water pears, micro beads and vintage broach.

Old beaded necklace, broach and some mica flakes finished off this heart.

The finished piece will be posted on my facebook page when done -

Dream in Color and throw nothing out.

Darlene Olivia McElroy

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sculpting a Sea Turtle..... by Cindy Porter

Hi Creative Paperclay® fans, it's Cindy here, I am excited to share with you my latest project....

A Sea Turtle
keep reading to see how to create your own...


silicone and sculpting tools

Now onto a video demonstration .... enjoy

thank you for stopping by and joining me here today,

Till next time
Happy Creating

Monday, November 20, 2017

Making a Santa Gnome with Creative Paperclay®

Hi! Are you ready for another Christmas decoration tutorial? Today I will show you how to make a Santa Gnome using Creative Paperclay®.

Santa Gnome

Supplies needed:

Large styrofoam egg
Creative Paperclay®

Acrylic Paint

Martha Stewart Tartan Red
Martha Stewart Beetle Black
Delta Ceramcoat Santas Flesh
Crafters Acrylic White

White Glitter
Knife to cut Styrofoam
Aluminium foil
Glue gun and glue Sticks
Sculpting tools
Sand paper

Follow along in my step by step video tutorial.

Please be sure to share your creations with us on our Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy crafting,